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Centurion Security Solutions offers high-quality guards, exceptional customer service and fair prices.
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Nightlife, Private, Commercial, Retail & Event Security

Whether you need security for an event, a patrolman to guard your property or a group of officers that specialize in covering large, open spaces, Centurion Security is there when you need us most. Request a quote today.

Retail: Loss Prevention

Centurion Security Solutions is the best in Security and Loss Prevention industry, ensuring the safety of your shoppers and preventing loss, we take care of your security need from the loading dock, to dark spots in parking lots, retail environment or anywhere that security is needed. Our team has put together a holistic approach to security to reduce the risk of theft and the overall safety of your clients and your establishment.

In the US alone, employee thefts loss amounts to approximately $36.6 billion and about 42.7 % of the total retail losses. Think about this, after spending a fortune on cameras, and expensive security gadgets and still lose millions to employee theft. That is one of the reasons why our services are very important to have, without our over 10 years of experience in this that we bring to the table.

Event Security: Concerts, Private Events, Sporting Events

Centurion Security Solutions is a company you can trust when it comes to such sensitive but very important tasks, we understand the logistics requirements of events, and we have trained personnel that are capable of ensuring the safety of you and your belongings. We are trained at assesing the potential for large-scale attacks and any contingencies that may arise. We do our diligence to know and understand the venue inside out. We have been in the security industry for more than 10 years breaking new terrains every year, and we would like you to be a part of the amazing stuff we do.

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